Future Farming Dialog 2017

Future Farming Dialog 2017

Future of Farming Dialog 2017
Future of Farming Dialog 2017

Future Farming Dialog: Media Event

September 18-20, 2017 starting at 3:00 pm CEST

This year’s event kicks off on Monday, September 18, at the demonstration farm Laacher Hof, where visitors will have an opportunity to see first-hand how sustainable agriculture and Digital Farming have an impact on both global and local farming challenges. After the farm show, we’ll hear a panel discussion from experts on how we can make the food chain more efficient.

On Tuesday, September 19, Liam Condon, Member of the Board of Management of Bayer AG and President of the Crop Science division, will deliver an executive address at the Tropicarium, Crop Science Headquarters, in Monheim. It will be followed by a Q&A session with the Crop Science Senior Management team. In the afternoon, futurist and author Gerd Leonard will share his thoughts on the future of agriculture as the featured keynote speaker. Tune in the rest of the afternoon to witness multiple panel discussions, including perspectives from around the world on sustainable agricultural, innovation and the current and future regulatory environment. We’ll close the day hearing from a panel of growers from across the globe about the challenges they face today and how they’re using innovative technology to turn those challenges into opportunities.

The event will conclude on September 20, where participants have the option to attend one of four different activities focusing on life sciences and plant breeding.

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Join the conversation on the Future of Farming on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #FutureFarming. Share your ideas and opinions, ask questions and share images of how you shape the Future of Farming. You can find the full agenda and digital media of the event online at www.bayer.com/futurefarming.

  • Watch our panel live to hear what experts have to say about the role of governments in advancing agricultural production. We'd love to hear your thoughts! #FutureFarming

  • Curious about the emerging technologies that will impact food productivity? Watch the ‘Innovation in Agriculture’ panel LIVE from Germany! #FutureFarming

  • If you're interested in learning more about sustainable food production watch our session ‘Improving Our Food System’ LIVE! Hear the panelists' thoughts and share your own solutions below #FutureFarminghttps://www.cropscience.bayer.com/en/stories/2017/the-potato-a-versatile-crop-for-the-pots-of-the-world-the-global-tuber

  • Our keynote address is airing LIVE right here on Facebook! Tune in to hear what futurist speaker Gerd Leonhard has to say about agriculture and technology. Leave your thoughts below! #FutureFarming

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